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Our incredibly strong phone magnet will allow you to go hands-free and magnetize your phone to metal surfaces. It works with any phone or case. You can use the magnet for mounting your phone on your car dashboard, in the gym, or simply as something to fidget with when you're bored. 

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* 30-day no questions asked return policy.
* The magnet is not dangerous to your phone. More info.
* Does not work with wireless charging unless the metal plate is placed at the top or bottom of your phone/case.
* The success of the car mount depends on the type of dashboard and material of your dash. We provide an adhesive plate to stick on your dashboard. Every car dashboard is different so we can't guarantee a great spot to place the metal plate. 
* Includes one Train Centric magnet and 3 sheets of metal. 
* Free shipping is only available to customers within the continental US.