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How to Set Your Patients Up for Long Term Success

How to Set Your Patients Up for Long Term Success

By Morgan Edmiston, SPT

As a physical therapist, have you ever found yourself at a crossroads with the lack of compliance with your patients home exercise program (HEP)? Do you ever find yourself having to re-explain exercises or print new HEP handouts because your patient lost their sheet? You are not alone. Around 50-65% of patients with a general musculoskeletal condition who are in a physical rehabilitation program do not adhere to their HEP (Bassett, 2003). A major hurdle that physical therapists must overcome daily is finding ways to get...

Pain Relief Exercises to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Do you ever find yourself waking up with aches or pains and wishing your pain would go away? According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2016 they found that 1 in 5 people deal with chronic pain. You are not alone! Sometimes we learn to live with the pain and brush it off as normal aging aches and pains, or we convince ourselves we just went a little too hard working out. Either way, you should not have to deal with pain. To avoid pain, it is essential to learn how to incorporate a simple self-care daily routine to prevent pain from ever...

Tempo: More Than Just a Beat

Reviewed By: Kevin Kucko, MAPT, ATC, Director, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer - K2 Sport Therapy & Performance, Mooresville, NC


Most people listen to some sort of music while exercising, whether it’s at the gym, in your home, outside for a run, or mountain biking through the woods. Why do we want to listen to music? Maybe it is to escape the silence or stress in our daily lives or to tune out our inner voice. Or subconsciously, perhaps when we are running or training, we find that a beat helps us stay on track, or it...